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Building Facility Management Services For Sydney & Greater NSW

At CGS FM, we are passionate about high density living and commercial spaces. We see it as the way of the future, where many stakeholders can enjoy harmonious working and living in truly remarkable environments. To provide this, however, suitable building management must be enforced, a skill that we are highly experienced and skilled at providing. Offering top of the range results across Wollongong and Newcastle, as well as the inner and outer suburbs of Sydney, we are proud to be one of the state’s top facility management companies, becoming an organisation that locals rely on for quality solutions.

Let us take Facilities Management off your plate

As professionals who have been working in the facilities services industry for over 20 years, we understand that taking care of a high density and commercial property can be a lot of work. That’s why we are the people to call when you need some help getting things done. From simple issues, such as building cleanliness and graffiti to larger problems like burst pipes, access and security issues, our experienced building facility managers can be on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to solve them. Not only does this leave you with much more time on your hands, but it ensures that the complaints of stakeholders are quickly and effectively resolved.

Available for any size building or complex, our solutions can…

• Maintain and manage your property

• Control who uses your property

• Organise and liaise with tradespeople to do work on your building

• Act as the middle man between your strata manager and any owner’s corporations

• Improve reporting and feedback

• Organise and conduct repairs

• Add significant value to your property

• Negotiate new service level agreements with your service providers to save money

• Enforce by-laws to avoid litigation

Why choose our professional solutions?

When it comes to choosing the right facilities management team for your property, it’s crucial that you put the job in the hands of someone who knows how to provide a positive experience for you, your residents and your stakeholders. We have been doing just that since 1992, making us one of the state’s most experienced facilities management companies and gaining a reputation for excellence along the way. We also provide comprehensive Reports via our online cloud based program, ensuring that the performance of your building managers are tracked and available to view at any stage if you choose to do so. This commitment to top of the range management results is what sets us apart from our competitors and gives our clients peace of mind knowing that we take care of your property’s needs every step of the way.

Give us a call today

Call us on 1300 661 182 to get a quote for your property or to talk to one of our friendly members of staff.

Why would you need a caretaker?

A caretaker or building manager can help you manage the common property covered by your strata title.

Caretakers aka Facilities Managers manage common property areas, handle tradespeople and other non-residents that use common property and for the general maintenance, repair and upkeep of common property areas.

Why choose CGS?

CGS has specialised in maintaining commercial properties for more than 20 years

After more than 25 years specialising in strata maintenance, the professional caretakers aka Facility Manager at CGS can help make managing and maintaining the common property of the strata scheme on your property a breeze.

Members of the CGS workforce wear clearly marked uniforms

This makes it easy for residents to identify who their caretaker is – so they can directly bring up any issues or ask any questions.


Online Service Portal for Owners Corporations

As part of our innovative service we offer a FREE service portal for any properties. The service portal is online and each stakeholder has a unique login. Our building managers upload monthly maintenance matrix reports for your perusal. Its provides real time feedback and reports for stakeholders. This customized portal does not mean we charge clients any extra…..it means the building facility manager is accountable and communication is first class.

​At your request, we can present ourselves at your annual general meetings

This affords the board an opportunity to address any issues they have directly with their building facility managers. This takes a level of follow-up off the shoulders of the property manager and allows us to get direct feedback and instructions, which will help us do our job more efficiently – and make life easier for the residents and stakeholders.​

We can provide Property Assessment Reports

This is an internal Quality Control tool that we use to monitor the performance of our strata caretakers and building managers and the work at your property. It is available to you on request.