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For property owners, finding effective and reliable security personnel can be difficult. After all, you entrust these people with the safety of your entire building – you want a team that you believe can get the job done! Here at CGS Facilities Management, we take the stress out of your security solutions by assigning a highly capable and dedicated team to your property.

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Offering you an unbeatable security service

A safe environment is a happy environment for your tenants and stakeholders, which is why having a highly skilled and reliable team of security professionals should be of the utmost importance. AT CGSFM, we can ensure that the people living in your building feel comfortable and at ease at all times. Our team are able to tend to any issues whenever they may arise, providing a highly responsive response that puts the safety of your tenants above all else.

Our security solutions not only protect the residents of your building, but the property itself. We aim to prevent and detect any activity that threatens the property and its people at all times. Our team of trained staff know how to handle a variety of situations, ensuring that every situation is approached with the most suitable response.

Experience you can count on

When sourcing security personnel for your building, you want to make sure that the people you choose have the skills, experience and knowledge needed to keep your residents safe at all times. With CGSFM, that’s exactly what you get. Our team of staff provide unparalleled security solutions for industrial, commercial and strata property clients throughout Wollongong, Newcastle, Sydney and surrounding areas. This means that, no matter what, the people who live and work in your building will always be safe from any potential threats that may arise.

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