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Strata Caretaking and Building Management Services Sydney Wide

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Do you need a caretaker or building manager to help manage or maintain a strata property for you?

As an established and accomplished leader amongst providers of building management and strata caretaker services, CGS can help you…

CGS believes that high density living is the way of the future in our modern cities.

We are committed to enhancing an environment that residents can be proud of through dedicated strata caretaking services for Central Coast and Sydney buildings.

We aim to provide a service that adds value to your living space and harmony amongst all owners, tenants and stake holders.


Looking after a strata property can almost be a full-time job. Our strata caretakers will make themselves available 24 hours a day. Do you have people calling to complain about leaky gas pipes, dripping taps in the communal laundry room, graffiti on the walls, cars parked illegally on site – and any number of things? You’ll be able to rely on our strata caretakers to address issues quickly and efficiently.

CGS has specialised in strata building management services in Sydney, Central Coast, Wollongong and Newcastle areas since 1992 and we understand how to properly care for, and manage the maintenance of a strata property.

That’s why we’re pleased to offer the following strata caretaking services to you.


Why would you need a strata caretaker?

A caretaker or building manager can help you manage the common property covered by your strata title.

Caretakers manage common property areas, handle tradespeople and other non-residents that use common property and for the general maintenance, repair and upkeep of common property areas.

Why choose CGS?

After more than 20 years specialising in strata maintenance, the professional caretakers at CGS can help make managing and maintaining the common property of the strata scheme on your property a breeze.

This makes it easy for residents to identify who their caretaker is – so they can directly bring up any issues or ask any questions.

Online Service Portal for Owners Corporations

As part of our innovative service we offer a FREE service portal for any properties over 50+ lots. The service portal is online and each member of the owners’ corporation has a unique login. Our caretakers upload monthly maintenance matrix reports for your perusal.

This affords the board an opportunity to address any issues they have directly with their caretaker. This takes a level of follow-up off the shoulders of the strata manager and allows us to get direct feedback and instructions, which will help us do our job more efficiently – and make life easier for the residents and strata manager.

This is an internal Quality Control tool that we use to monitor the performance of our strata caretakers and building managers and the work at your property. It is available to you on request.