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Comprehensive Strata Maintenances Services, Sydney Wide

Clean Green Strata maintenance includes…


Do you manage or live in a strata property in Sydney, Central Coast, Wollongong or Newcastle? And do you need somebody to help you maintain it?

Someone who can…

We have specialised in strata property maintenance for more than 20 years. We have the equipment and experience to maintain strata properties of every size.

Do you require the following year-round maintenance services?

High pressure cleaning (pressure washing) of all exterior surfaces, including walls and walkways, without the use of chemicals. Sheer physical force removes moss, caked-in dirt & debris.


Why choose Clean Green Strata?

Clean Green Strata provides a specialist maintenance service for body corporates.

So we have all the equipment, personnel and experience to help maintain your strata property – no matter what size it is, or what your budget is.

Cost Effective Service

We understand that owners corporations have budget restrictions. We would all love to have our driveways high pressure washed every month but simply cant afford this. Let us know your budget and we’ll give you an honest opinion and price.

This helps to ensure that all the work done at your property is of the highest professional standard.

This makes it clear to you and residents of the strata property who is working near their premises and why. It also marks our staff as someone to come and talk to, if there’s some maintenance required.

We can provide you with these reports, which show clearly the work that was conducted on your property. This allows the body corporate to vote on any non-essential maintenance work moving forward. As well as make key decisions about the maintenance of the strata property, which may affect all residents.